College updates its travel guidelines for Fall 2021 semester

Kaleia Lawrence, Editor in Chief

Early July, an email was sent out to Madison College employees/colleagues laying out plans for college related travel and events. 

According to the email, in-state travel is allowable for learning related opportunities and may be approved by the appropriate manager. When it comes to travel throughout the United States, it must be recommended by the appropriate manager and approved by the appropriate Cabinet member.   

 As far as college-supported international travel goes, it is not an option for the Fall of 2021. However, tentative planning may begin for Spring 2022 and beyond.  

 While this is the current plan, nothing is set in stone. Data is always changing which makes it impossible to set just one plan regarding how everything will work with COVID.  

 “You can’t predict the future, but you can have multiple scenarios that you’ve thought through. Then when the future presents itself, you’ve already put a lot of thought and effort into it and you can respond better than if you just started thinking about it that day,” said Mark Thomas Jr., Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration.   

 There are daily discussions with various Madison College faculty. Dr. Daniels, a risk management team, faculty from the health programs and public safety are some of the members of the board. 

 Even though meetings occur frequently, there’s always work going on behind the scenes. A committee that is in direct coordination with the public health agencies monitors the Central for Disease Control guidance 24/7. 

 When it comes to making plans, the priority is safety. 

 “What we would continue to do is put the health and safety of students and employees first, number one priority. We will base our decisions on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local public health authority recommendations in order to reduce the risk of transmission on campus as much as possible,” said Thomas.