Women’s History Month eResources

Mark Luetkehoelter, Librarian

Women’s History Month is celebrated in March, and in normal years the Madison College Libraries usually have a display of physical books and media to highlight the month. While it is still possible to get into the libraries to check out physical material in this pandemic year, it is easier to access online resources, so this column will highlight those resources.

Three recent eAudiobook additions to the Madison College Libraries include…

The truths we hold: an American journey

Suffrage: women’s long battle for the vote

Invisible women: data bias in a world designed for men

One is a memoir from the nation’s first woman Vice President, Kamala Harris. Another is a history of the movement that led to the passage of the 19th Amendment a century ago. The other book is a fascinating look at how the management of data has traditionally discriminated against women in business, the doctor’s office, and the workplace.

You can find these titles in the library’s Discovery catalog, and when you open the record you can “borrow” the book for free with your MyEbsco account, which is easy to set up and also free. If you’d like to see other eAudiobooks available in the Discovery catalog, go to the Advanced Search, enter your topic, and then use the “Format” limiter to limit to eAudiobooks.

In addition to eAudiobooks, you’ll also find plenty of eBooks in the Discovery catalog that you can read directly online. Sinead Spearing’s A history of women in medicine: cunning women, physicians, witches is a revealing and disturbing look at how historically when women tried to benevolently practice medicine or healing society deemed them witches Other recent eBook titles of note include Susan Tedrick’s Women of Color in Tech, Leslie Gaston-Bird’s Women in audio, and Boyd Cathron’s Women warriors and national heroes: a global history.

The library’s streaming video databases, Films on Demand and Kanopy, offer a great many titles to watch directly online. With March Madness coming up, take a look at the recently-added documentary Women of Troy in Films on Demand, about the groundbreaking USC Women’s Basketball Team of the 1980s with Cheryl Miller. The documentary subject area of “Women & Society” in Kanopy offers over 700 films, including titles like RBG, Miss Representation, and The girls in the band.

Finally, the library’s research guides, Women in History https://libguides.madisoncollege.edu/history-women, Intro to Women’s Studies https://libguides.madisoncollege.edu/sociology/introwomens, and Trailblazing Women of Technology https://libguides.madisoncollege.edu/womenoftech all offer links to articles, eBooks, primary sources, videos, web sites, and more