Madison College Ranks Third Nationally in Veteran Friendliness

Anica Graney, Editor-in-Chief

For the second year in a row Madison College has been ranked third in veteran friendliness among large community colleges. This ranking comes from Military Friendly®, which is a review that sets a standard for how an organization invests in its veterans.

“The application is submitted every year and it measures the standard of an organization’s commitment, efforts, and success along with an organization’s meaningful and sustainable benefits for the military community,” said Veteran Resources Coordinator and Academic Resource Coach for Veteran Resources Allan Locia.

Not only was Madison College ranked third in the nation, but it rose to number one in the state of Wisconsin. Over 1,200 schools participated in this year’s survey.

“What the Military Friendly program tries to do is show the military community, as they are exiting the service, what the best choice for schools for them would be,” said Locia. “It essentially gives students an idea of how schools measure up based on other services provided. This allows students to decide what school is the best for them not only in academics or program choice, but also in the all-around support that we as Madison College offer.”

The military friendly rating is separated into six different categories. Madison College ranks 84% in academic policies and compliance, 84% in admissions and orientation, 82% in culture and commitment, 80% in financial aid and assistance, 55% in graduation and career, and 60% in military student support and retention.

“One of the things we at Veteran Resources really pride ourselves on is that we’re very welcoming.” said Locia. “So, when it comes to any questions about just joining the military, exiting the military, or wanting to know who we are as a program, we’re happy to help in any way that we can.”

For students who are not directly involved in the military, Veteran Resources can still help you get connected. Volunteering opportunities are always available, “there are different programs and connections throughout the community that we can connect students with,” comments Locia.

Veteran Resources also has a Facebook (@MadisonCollegeVRS) that students can like and follow for more information.

Along with that, general outreach is always another option for students wanting to help the military community. “Your very first step to get involved is if you have any friends who are military connected, whether it is them or their parent, I would just say, ‘Hey, Madison College has a great program, they offer great resources for veterans, and even if you’re not a student and have just a general question, they’re more than happy to help you,’” said Locia.

“Madison College Veteran Resource Services has come a long way,” reflects Locia. “I think that Madison College has invested the time and effort not only to be able to have a successful Veteran Resource Program, but to have placed the right leadership and the right amount of support which I think that has been key to our success.”

“Being ranked third for the second year in a row is the affirmation that we needed, and it let us know that we are on the right path with our veteran support which is the most important part for us.”