Wolves in Research Club

Anica Graney, Editor-in-Chief

A new opportunity for students to get involved has just arrived this past year in the form of the Wolves in Research club. Headed and created by student Stefanie Malzyner, this club allows students the chance to explore and become more connected with research opportunities.

“Basically, the goal is to help students connect with research professors either at UW-Madison or at MATC and work alongside them in ongoing research projects,” said Malzyner. Wolves in Research also provides assistance with cover letters, resumes, and the general application process that comes with applying to research opportunities.

“There is no minimum requirement to be a part of the club or anything like that, it’s more just being able to gather as many resources as possible to give to students so they can find these research opportunities.”

The club meets at least once a month over Microsoft Teams. “It’s mainly workshop meetings, but I try to send out newsletters with research positions or programs that are available to apply for as soon as I hear of them.”

Forming a club is no easy task, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. “It was formed during lockdown and I posted it on Wolfpack Connect, and I was so happy to hear from students that were interested in research and wanted to learn more about what we do,” said Malzyner. “The main reason why I wanted to create this club was so students could get a head start on research before they transferred to a research institution.”

For students interested in joining or learning more about Wolves in Research, contact Stefanie Malzyner at [email protected]. There is also a mailing list for students interested in general research opportunities available upon inquiry.