Internship Job Fair

Michelle Meyer, Business Director

Pandemic wise, Madison College is hosting an Internship Job Fair on Feb. 18, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Registration has been made simple through the new partnership between Madison College and Handshake. This partnership reduces the efforts required of students to participate in online events.
Career and Employment Services (CES) staff members have been streamlining their efforts to support student needs during this difficult time. CES made the event free to students and employers as a part of the Madison College experience as well as bringing enthusiasm to match.
Excited about the potential of the this first ever Madison College Handshake event, CES is determined to help the diverse needs of students, ages 16 to 60.
Masaya Xiong, CES Advisor, explained how businesses and employees are shifting the way they do things and how they do internships, “We have 24 amazing employers. That means they have the capacity to one, go remotely, or two, are doing a hybrid.”
Handshake’s virtual space sends a clear message: Madison College is preparing students for a hybrid world. Students can gain experience in the best place possible, supported by the CES team.
Participants do not need to attend the entire event. The fair consists of two types of sessions to pick and choose from.
The first are 30-minute group sessions where employers can speak about their organization and students can introduce themselves and ask questions.
The second session type is a one on one, 10-minute virtual appointment where students have the ability to ask specific questions about offered internships. These also focus on company culture or concerns about pandemic procedures.
Employers are ready to hire interns around Wisconsin and CES will be there to help students adjust to this new experience in a positive way. Rochelle Wanner, Lead CES advisor, said, “We are all learning together, learn with us.” makes the event process simple and effective. It helps participants network with each other and other businesses, signup for mentorships and receive tips on the application process.
Registration for the event is fairly simple thanks to the efforts of the CES. The process takes a total of about 10 minutes.
Registering for the event can be done in a couple different ways. Navigation details are included here to help you along the process.

How to register:

Visit the Career and Employment Services Event Page at

Step 2
Additional Events

Scroll down to Additional Events.

Select the Internship Fair under Additional Events.

Click ‘REGISTER HERE’ button.

Step 4
Register Here

A new page will open, where you can click ‘+ Join Event.’

Then select ‘Sign in to join.’

A new page will open which has the MATC logo.

Click the blue button which says ‘Madison College Handshake Login.’ Step 8
Madison College Handshake Login

This feature will automatically load your MC credentials into the Handshake platform as you login with your student email and password.

Then, you will answer a few simple questions, decide on privacy settings, and be able to register for individual or group sessions with reputable businesses across Wisconsin.

The event style allows for remote access to employment opportunity and business networking with over 20 business and a minimal commitment requirement. It will be a great opportunity for students to learn and grow with the campus’ current situation.