La Raza Unida reinforcing unity

Eimy Gonzalez, News Editor

Starting Feb. 3 La Raza Unida will be reactivated. Students are taking action, along with advisors, to bring back this initiative and motivate the involvement of students towards supporting the Lantinx community. This is being done in hope to create a strong sense of mutual support, friendship, and sense of community.

During the fall semester of 2019, La Raza Unida was formed to precede the club Fuerza Latina with a louder message. This time inviting Latinos as well as anyone interested and willing to learn and share culture, becoming a space free from oppression and open to all.

Unfortunately, the pressure of the pandemic and the hardships that followed resulted in the club placing a hold on their activities. During the Fall semester of 2020, participants were given a time to rest. This decision was supported by a need to focus on individual needs while restrictions and uncertainty rage through the country.

However, good projects cannot be suspended for long. The initiative to create this space has gained strength with these hardships rather than wane. With the recurring isolation, active club members have once more united to bring the club back and provide a platform where students can feel they are not alone.

Activities within the club have yet to be established and will be open to what the members have to say. Luz Arroyo, Club advisor, mentions that this is an initiative made by students for students. In reality, what will be done within the club entirely relies on what its members want to achieve, and the advisors are there to support these decisions. Previously, La Raza Unida has organized fundraisers to benefit the Latinx community, collaborating with organizations like Centro Hispano, a community center where Latino families can find different tools for success.

Furthermore, La Raza Unida is there to create leadership opportunities for its members as well as assist with academic, and professional development. It also intends to open opportunities for involvement in distinct local activities in areas like politics, academics, and social-related events.

This club has been designed to see its participants obtain great achievements while advocating for culture and the respect which all deserve. Therefore, Arroyo emphasizes that this opportunity is available to all Madison College students. Everyone is welcome and is encouraged to take part of this meaningful and active role in their college and community.

La Raza Unida will be hosting an informational on Feb. 3 at 3:30 p.m. through Microsoft Teams. Within the meeting participants interested will be able to join the club as well as receive more information on future activities and other members. The time for future meetings will be discussed as well. To join now, visit La Raza Unida under WolfPack connect and send your request to join. For more information you can speak with any of the advisors, Luz Arroyo, Cesar Talavera, or Blanca De Leon. They will be more than happy to speak with you and may also be contacted through WolfPack connect.