Helping sponsor the Henry Vilas Zoo flamingos

Hannah Dotzler, Copy Editor

Henry Vilas Zoo has partnered with Hilldale for this Winter What? event. The zoo has facts about flamingos at Hilldale’s “Pop of Summer” installation, and Hilldale has sponsored the zoo’s flamingo exhibit. The zoo currently has two species of flamingos, American Flamingos and Chilean Flamingos. You can learn about both species by visiting Hilldale’s Winter What? event.

In addition to buying the crispy avocado taco from bartaco (where $1 per taco will get donated to the zoo throughout the month of February), you can also donate to the zoo by visiting their website,

According to Kristin Moala, Henry Vilas Zoo’s Marketing Manager, “All donations go directly towards our animals.”

This includes things such as daily care, veterinary care, nutrition and conservation. The Henry Vilas Zoo is free for everyone, and your donation will help keep it that way.