Ermahgerd! Term perprs!

Matthew Coan, Librarian

Some of my fellow old people and a few that are younger than I am don’t know what the term “internet meme” is, even if they have seen and enjoyed them. A favorite of many ages is the “Ermahgerd” girl from a photography of what looks like the 70s, but is actually from the 90s. For those of you that feel young and smug, that meme is already eight years old.
Do you know what also seems like a long time ago? When you saw your class syllabus and thought, “Dude, that final paper is like years away!” Meanwhile, faculty and librarians are thinking, “Dude, it’s nearly December.”
To be clear, I am not trying to make you panic. Everyone has plenty of anxiety to spare. No, my goal is to respectfully suggest that you reach out to the good librarians of Madison College if you need help getting started, getting restarted or if you need direction toward finishing your research. And not to worry, you still have access to the vast majority of resources we have always provided to students and faculty who want to deep dive a topic.
More crucially, we can help to locate and identify which sources provide you with the most credible information available.
Are you a bit reluctant to ask for assistance? By all means, explore on your own! We have more than 190 research guides published on our web page from accounting to welding. Look for the tab for ‘Research Guides’ on our website. There you will see we recommend databases to try first and often include trusted web sources to consider.
Physical books will not be available after Thanksgiving this year through the end of the fall semester, but our databases can be accessed immediately. That includes article, eBook, and film databases from any device you can connect to online.
Not to worry if you try and come up short. We are also very available to help by phone, chat, email, text, and by virtual appointment. Through final exam time, we can also help seven days a week. No question is a bad question. We love to help. We’re kind of weird that way, but it is also our job.
What is your job between now and the end of the semester? Get your research done, get your assignments in on time and keep yourself well in the process. Take good care, Wolfpack!