Visual arts initiative captures voters’ eyes



Chris Bird/Clarion

Flyers at Madison College Truax Campus remind students to make plans to be able to cast their ballots for the Nov. 3 election.

Sherra Owino, Staff Writer

If you’ve been around campus at all lately or been watching much TV, you may have come across advertising for #PlanYourVote with little else to explain itself. So, what is this about? 

In their own words on the website, they are “a 2020 visual arts initiative from that harnesses the power of art to promote and encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote.” 

And they do just that. Over 60 artists and counting have submitted works of art that express unique, individual styles while simply incorporating the Plan Your Vote logo somewhere within the piece. Additionally, a long list of supporting art museums from all over the country can be found under the “partners” section. 

Encouragement is given to readers regarding verifying registration, checking on absentee status and setting a reminder to fulfill ballot submission. Their belief is that there’s a greater sense of urgency now than ever before in planning and preparing to vote. With spreading the word of utmost importance so “everyone has a voting strategy and is vote ready,” all of the artwork on display would be available for anyone to download and post. 

As mentioned in their mission statement, Plan Your Vote is a branch of which, as the title suggests, is all things voting. Both sites have an election day count-down which goes down to the second. However, has theirs right at the top followed by any questions an average citizen may have from locating a polling place or drop box, registering in any possible fashion, to getting election reminders or volunteering to be a poll worker. 

Not sure of your state’s election deadlines, dates or rules? Not to worry, as all 50 states are listed with navigation through each to give specific details. 

There is quite the distinction between the look of the Plan Your Vote and sites despite being related. Plan Your Vote is clearly defined by artistic abilities. There are black and white tones with little sparks of red intertwined while its counterpart,, has bright, popping patriotism of the more traditional red, white and blue. 

For any of those who have artistic abilities of any kind and would like to get involved, has a section for “open call artists” where it seems anyone can join. Specifics can be found as to the four steps of criteria needed to submit properly. 

It’s conveyed throughout these titles and beyond, that voting is of great importance in our society; but Plan Your Vote takes it one step further with their final statement: “Act today for a healthy democracy.”