Tips to Celebrate Halloween Safely 

Mackenzie Moore, News Editor

With Halloween coming up, many people around the United States have questioned how to have a safe celebration. In light of this, Public Health of Madison and Dane County has released tips to reduce the likelihood of transferring COVID-19 on the holiday. 

As expected, it is advised that people keep a distance of six feet apart from each other and wear a mask. Additionally, trick-or-treaters should only go with those that they already live with and stick to houses within their neighborhood. Once the participants go home, they should use hand sanitizer and let their candy sit for a day or two before eating any. 

As for those leaving out the candy, it is recommended that they leave it in a bowl at the bottom of their steps or in their driveway to prevent bottlenecking. Additionally, candy should be organized to prevent trick-or-treaters from rummaging around the bowl. As an extra precaution, hand sanitizer may also be left for people to use before or after touching any wrappers.  

Public Health of Madison and Dane County asks that people not hold large gatherings and instead go to a corn maze, haunted house, or go apple picking with those they live with. Ideally, these should be done through companies that require appointments or limit capacity. 

For more information, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.