TEDX attending to topics that matter


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Madison College’s social media promoted the various TEDx Talks offered virtually by a variety of area speakers including Graphic Design Instructor, Jorel Dray.

Eimy Gonzalez, Staff Writer

On Thursday Oct. 8, Madison College presented, for the first time, a series of TEDX talks. Fostering Inspiration and illumination to the public. The event was hosted virtually through teams from 5:00 to 7:15 p.m. including a virtual reception and a meet and greet at the conclusion of the meeting.  

The event featured talks relevant to the reality in which we live in today. Raising and tackling ongoing concerns as well as providing thoughtful solutions. The speakers involved were selected and asked to share their unique experiences with the intention to be an example on what motivation, hardship, and success looks like altogether. These included: Shana LaFore, an advocate for authenticity and human connections. Amie Heeler, a yoga & meditation teacher, and photographer. Isaac Showaski, owner of Octopi Brewery. Julie Ann Wood, Chief cultivator, entrepreneur. Jorel Dray Instructor of Graphic Design and Creative Director at Leeve Labs. All of them, experts in their practice— full of purpose, and authenticity.   

The themes of the talks varied. There was resilience, connection, perseverance, innovation, and gratefulness. Although the experiences and subjects differed, each speaker shared the passion of bringing something positive into the College community.  

The preparations of the TEDX began over a year ago. At the time, the event was planned for a grand opening at the Good man campus. The rehearsals, at first, were in person, however, as COVID-19 came into the pictures the event had to go through drastic changes. The meetings became virtual as the event that followed.  

The activities which were so natural have undergone modifications to still take part of our daily happenings, such as this one. While these bring the pleasure of some normalcy, there is always something additional to work on. As it was, in this case, the preparation to talk to an empty room. 

 “It was definitely strange. I had a practice run on Monday to see what it would be like to do this in front of no one. Then, on the actual day, I had been talking to my wife, my mom, coworkers, friends, and some students. Everyone knew that this was happening so to me it was like they were all there with me. I didn’t feel alone,” comments Dray.  

Likewise, the talks evolved to fit the needs and hardships that surged this year. From the beginning of the pandemic to current date, the speakers modified and rehearsed to provide support and resources to help the public navigate through these hard times. 

According to Dray, it felt really good to share his message. His talk was centered on gratitude and the personal growth that comes with it. He mentions that it’s important, more than ever, to talk about these topics. Such as working with your heart and doing things that you care about most, like supporting others, being kind and demonstrating gratitude.  

Madison College is constantly working on bringing additional resources to complement the college experience of each student. Organizing talks, events, and activities to guarantee the success of every individual. To take advantage of these make sure to follow the WolfPack Connect app for future events as well as any announcements.