Health screening protects safety


The Clarion

“Sergeant Adler demonstrates how NOT to wear a mask.”

Sgt. Lucas Adler

The semester is well underway.  We appreciate the campus community coming to campus with their Health Survey’s already completed.  We realize that completing the survey every time you come to campus can be one more burden in an already stressful time, but these measures ensure Madison College remains a safe place to learn. 

  • The health screening has been updated and requires you to enter the date you are completing the survey.  We have noticed that some people are entering in their birth date.  This is not a major issue but we may ask you to correct it before entering the building.  
  • We have noticed everyone is doing a good job keeping their masks on, however we are noticing people wearing the mask below their nose.  The mask is not as effective when worn this way.  Remember to keep your mask above your nose.   
  • In person services remain limited and the times when these services are available vary from day to day, so check the website or call ahead of time so you don’t waste a trip. 

Public Safety is available 24/7 by calling 245-2222.  Our officers are doing our best to keep Madison College safe even with a smaller amount of people on campus.  We are looking forward to returning to normal and seeing all of you again.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me personally at [email protected] 

WolfPack Alerts 

Have you signed up to receive WolfPack Alerts from Madison College? These alerts notify you of school cancellations or about emergencies on or near campus. If not, please do so on our webpage. Registration is free, easy and takes about a minute on your mobile device. 

In addition to our Facebook page, we have a Twitter account!  Be sure to follow @PublicSafetyMC to stay informed of what’s happening on your campus. 

If need to report an emergency or have other campus safety concerns, please contact our department at 245-2222; Public Safety Officers are available 24/7.