Need help with classes? Student Achievement Center and Writing Center are here for you. 

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

With many classes being offered in online format, students who are used to in-person format may have concerns about their academic success. The good news is that both Student Achievement Center and Writing Center are still offering virtual help to the students.  

Originally in-person services, the Student Achievement Center and Writing Center have been providing services virtually during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many qualified peer tutors and faculty members are available to help guide students through their classes on a one-on-one basis. Students can make an appointment through the website ( 

Are you worried about your busy work schedule? Don’t worry. These services are also available at nighttime and weekends so those who are working during the day can still get the necessary help.  

The Student Achievement Center covers a variety of subjects including those on the notoriously more difficult side such as math and chemistry courses. The Writing Center is also available to cover a variety of writing courses. These are all free services as a Madison College student.  

The online class format can be concerning, but Madison College has been striving to provide the necessary tools for students to succeed. If you have any concerns, definitely reach out to your instructors or advisors and look for the many resources provided by the College.