Let’s talk about Social Injustice 


Eimy Gonzalez, Staff Writer

This fall, as protests still rage around the country, Madison College is determined to fight social inequality from within its doors.   

As one of the strategies, the intercultural exchange will focus on social justice and anti-racism. The purpose is to inform, share resources, raise awareness, and make a change. Starting in October, the program “Social Just Us” will go into motion, led by Ro Encizo, advisor of United Common Ground and Professional of Intercultural, Diversity, and Inclusion Learning at Madison College.  

Encizo talks about two pandemics affecting our society, COVID-19 and racial injustice. When it comes to racial injustice, he mentioned that there are people out there thinking it only impacts certain communities. The reality is, is that it can be found mostly anywhere. He explicitly mentions how necessary it is to ask ourselves, How can we support the cause? How can I too, be a voice? 

It’s important to start the conversation somewhere but it’s not just about starting the conversation it’s about what you can do about it,” said Encizo. Each semester he pulls together strategies and programs to ensure everything is current. This has become a way to share relevant information, but most importantly, a way to have a lasting impact on students.  

The title “Social Just Us” is meant to bring social justice to mind. However, it also highlights the focus on us,” the Madison College community.  

The discussions within the program will cover subjects on The Black Lives Matter movement, protesting and voting rights, as well as voter suppression. Although if there is a topic you feel strongly about, do not hesitate to reach out. Its encouraged to call out any issues that are less likely to be spoken of.  

The talks will be given by Encizo, as well as special guests and faculty staff, considering the importance of finding different meanings on a subject from a wide range of perspectives.    

“If you can at least empathize with people and put yourself in their shoes, the world could be a great place. That is the core, I think. That is what I want to do with this program, like a lot of the programs I do. Empathy is an important value,” said Encizo.  

Make sure to follow up to take part in this experience that amidst this virtual environment looks forward into creating a unique and strong community. The talks will be offered every Thursday starting Oct. 1, from 121 p.m. at Ro Encizo’s WebEx meet link, madisoncollege.webex.com/meet/rencizo 

The link and event can also be found at Wolfpack Connect under the event “Social Just Us.” This opportunity will only last throughout the month of August, nevertheless, more events will follow to support the cause of equality.