The Man With Too Many Hobbies


Photo provided by The Clarion

Steven Andriantsiratahina smiling at camera in a kayak.

Maia Lathrop, Graphic Design

While some people spent the summer with online Zoom calls, Steven was zooming down bike trails. His black, curly hair bounced under his helmet on his warm, dark skin as he narrowly dodged rocks. All the while, he talked to himself in an excited, slightly winded voice so that his GoPro, harnessed on his toned chest, could pick it up.  

“Take a moment to enjoy the scenery here” Steven encouraged his viewers on YouTube.  

His channel captures a few of the hobbies he has such as video editing, traveling, 3D modeling, painting, developing games, and playing retro games. The list is continually growing. 

Some of his more recent hobbies have developed as a result of COVID-19 forcing socially distanced activities. Biking, along with fishing and kayaking, have been ways to adapt to this new normal and make the most out of the summer. 

Although Steven was Wisconsin born, he spent most of his life in Madagascar, which shaped which hobbies he got into.

“It wasn’t safe outdoors because the country has a lot of crime, so I spent a lot of my time indoors creating video games,” he said. 

It was clear he had a knack for technology, so it was only natural for him to get a two year degree in computer science in Madagascar. His skill landed him a webmaster internship at an ad agency, but ultimately, he was pulled in a new direction. 

Steven “fell in love with graphic design watching the designers at the agency.” He was immediately impressed with the iMacs and the big green screen studio. From then on, he knew he wanted to get a degree in graphic design too. 

Later, when the opportunity arose to come back to Wisconsin, he took it by the hand, ultimately looking forward to finding a new place to call home and prosper. And, of course, he enrolled in graphic design at Madison College, where he is expected to graduate in the spring of 2021 with honors.  

In America, Steven can compete at Street Fighter conventions all over the country, but had to give up Madagascar street food. Being here has given new life to hobbies and has retired some old ones. 

Steven’s hobbies are an extension of his life experiences that grow as he grows. While it is sad to see some hobbies go, he is assured to accumulate many more. His frank words of wisdom on how to maintain so many hobbies is to “cycle through them throughout the year” and to “have fun.”