New services offered to help students find housing

Chris Bird, Managing Editor

New Housing Referral Service

Madison College has implemented a new housing referral service available through a partnership with Rent College Pads. This site is exclusive to the Madison College community and will provide lists of houses and apartments for all campus locations.

Madison College has many students that commute to school, and does not have any residence halls associated with the College. The new housing referral will help students find housing that can suit their needs.

The platform will allow students to search for housing, roommates, and sublets near campuses. Ranging from small efficiency housing to multi-bedroom apartments and whole houses.

International students will be able to live in dormitory lodging on the campus of Edgewood College. International students who would like to know more should contact the Center for International Education, which can be found through the Madison College Website.

Personal Academic Librarian

The new Personal Academic Librarian program from Madison College’s Libraries is designed to “provide research support to students in a heavily online environment that can seem impersonal.”

PAL librarians can help students through direct email contact, meet for periodic chat sessions through various tools, assist with finding resources for research assignments, build career and life skills and be a reference on resumes, or provide letters of recommendation.

Students can also use this help to earn an optional Information Literacy Digital Badge for their resumes or digital portfolios.

Students should remember that the PALs can’t do their work for them, or act as official advisors, exam proctors, or go-betweens for students and their professors, but will do their best to lend their support.