College establishes George Floyd Memorial Scholarship

Hannah Dotzler, Copy Editor

Since the death of George Floyd, people around the world have taken a stand to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Many colleges and universities are also getting involved by establishing scholarships in Floyd’s name. To express their solidarity with the black community, Madison College has recently decided to do the same. 

Starting this fall, Madison College will be offering the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship. In his interview with NBC15 News, Madison College President, Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III, shares the meaning of the scholarship:

“It’s a recognition of George Floyd and how he died, but it’s much more of a recognition of the gap that we have in this country regarding African Americans.”

The inaugural gift to the scholarship fund was from Daniels himself. Others can donate through the Madison College Foundation’s website. The scholarship will be available to Black students at Madison College who are 25 years old or older through the Madison College Foundation.