Student staff at library, SAC appreciated  


Dana Ryals, Librarian

As we wrap up the most bizarre of semesters to date and look forward to the warm days of summer and the hope of returning to campus again soon, the Madison College Libraries and Student Achievement Centers reflect on the past academic year.

Our unit’s success is due, in part, to our marvelous student desk staff.  Since we have not had our student workers staffing our desks since before Spring Break, it has been a long time since we have all seen each other’s smiling faces, asked each other about our weekends, or told the occasional joke. 

The lack of face-to-face interactions does not change the gratitude that we feel and have felt for all our student staff members at our Libraries and Student Achievement Centers throughout the district. We’re talking about you, library front desk students, computer support students, peer tutors, supplemental instruction leaders, and welcome desk employees for the Libraries and Student Achievement Centers District-wide.

Every year, we take a moment to show our deep appreciation to these students for their diligent efforts this past academic year.

Your excellent customer service skills have helped us provide vital support to faculty, staff, and your fellow classmates. Your work throughout the district is invaluable and we could not have completed the academic year without each and every one of you.

Thank you for your adaptability and willingness to keep up with the fast pace of the front lines of Student Support.  Thank you for your positive attitudes and incredible energy.  Thanks for braving the bitter cold and heavy snow to come to work each day and evening, be it weekday or weekend, and for staying home after COVID-19 prevented us from coming back to campus.  You are all incredible. 

To those of you who are graduating, transferring, or moving on to new pursuits, we wish you nothing but the best.  Even when our campus is not, our chat and phone lines are open, so feel free to drop a line and say hello.  Hopefully in the not too distant future, you could even drop in and see us once again.  Thanks again, and best of luck from all of us in the Libraries and Student Achievement Centers!