Grading option offered due to coronavirus challenge

Chris Bird, News Editor

Madison College is offering the option to convert the grades from eligible classes this semester to credit or no credit. Due to extenuating circumstances caused by Covid-19 and the transition for many students to online learning, the college is offering this option to help students preserve their GPA if they are concerned that it will be affected by the changes in learning and other factors.

Credit or no credit grading allows a student to change their classic letter grades into a pass or fail type grade that will result in no change to their GPA. A grade of C or above will be converted into a CR grade. A grade of D and lower will be converted into a grade of NCR.

A CR grade will still give credit for the course and fulfill program, certificate, or prerequisite requirements. A grade of NCR will not give any credit, but can help students preserve their GPA if they are concerned with their class grade.

Not all courses are able to be changed to the credit or no credit grading system, and it is important for students to be aware of when it is beneficial to decide to take a CR or NCR grade. Some programs, employers, institutions that accept transfer credits, etc. will not accept CR or NCR grades. College officials say it is always a good idea to contact advisors or contact institutions directly to be sure that taking a CR grade will not prevent your course from being considered acceptable.

There will be a window between May 9-27 where students are able to request that their course grade be changed to credit or no credit grading.

By May 8, students will be sent an email that will explain the process, and an electronic form will be made available on May 9 to submit a request. Students will be able to see their final grades before making these requests, and if their final grades are delayed for any reason, they can request an extension for the request deadline.

Madison College has put up a student resource page with more detailed information outlining credit or no credit grading that can be found at This page also includes a useful search tool that allows students to look up whether or not a class is able to be converted to CR/NCR grading that can help students plan any future requests they may make.