Senate election results

Chris Bird, News Editor

The results are in for the Student Senate elections held on April 3, with 14 students elected to the Senate and Sean Green selected as Senate president.

Green succeeds Jonathan Jones as president. Jones will remain on the Senate after being elected to serve as a Senator.

Student Senate President Green had this to share: “I am without doubt excited to officially be sworn in as student senate president. As for the future of the senate, the current senate has done a great job at addressing the needs of students, I don’t intend on changing that. Instead I want to tackle student issues that I feel are important to address right now.”

Among Green’s top priorities for the upcoming year are student equity, mental health care and student retention.

“Student Equity is always going to be an issue, regardless of the pandemic or not,” Green said. “Mental health is something that we all deal with, whether we like to believe it or not. Continuing to focus on the topic of mental health and ways to keep our minds healthy is essential for success.”

“Student Retention is important to me after I started working in SDRS. Everyone in that department has this commitment for helping students that really changed how I felt about the issue. If I can find more ways that the Student Senate can help with the topic of student retention, I am open to it,” Green added.

“So when I become president I’ll be ready to work. Actually, the entire Senate will.”

The other students who will serve as representatives for the 2020-2021 Student Senate include:

Madison metro Senators Jenna Boyd, Francisco Eujenin Campos, Haybe Haghi, Elizabeth Hessler, Johnathan Jones, Justin Jones, Barbara Moreno, Marcus Rubio, Ali Soumano, Katrina Willis, Nicholas Winer, Eric Ziebell and Vernon Ziegler.

Aleemuddin Syed will serve as the Goodman South Campus Senator.

The Student Senate elections faced the challenge of being held during the ongoing stay-at-home order in Wisconsin, as well as the closing of Madison College facilities for students.

The election was able to go on ahead by sending students ballots over their student emails on March 30.