Writing Center Resources Available Online

Caleb Brown, Staff Writer

Though differing from its past way of functioning, the Writing Center continues to serve and assist the student body of Madison College.

For those who didn’t know, the Writing Center has had an online service for more than two years. Students can submit drafts of their work by filling out an online tutoring form. A tutor then reviews their work and provides them with beneficial feedback.

Along with this resource, a new Writing Center Live option has been implemented, which allows students to exchange more in-depth conversations with tutors.

Students can meet with tutors over the phone or via WebEx. This platform can also function as a shared lens, where both the student and tutor can view a paper at the same time.

“I absolutely thought it was great. I think MATC should keep this as an option going forward,” said student Rochelle Lewis, describing her experience in a live session.

While successful, the transition to a complete online service has been accompanied by a few challenges.

“The biggest challenge is being patient with ourselves in learning how to use the technology to our advantage and knowing how to use the technology well enough to create an engaging learning experience for our students,” said Writing Center Manager Susanne Treiber.

 “The Writing Centers on all of our campuses are designed to be learning spaces that are welcoming communities and to maintain that design and philosophy through technology is taking on a very different look and feel compared to our face-to-face campus learning spaces. Still, we have committed staff members who have risen to the challenge.”

Treiber also highlighted the importance of students checking their student emails regularly, as this is the place where they will be contacted by a tutor for a live session or receive feedback on a submitted piece. For more information about the Writing Center, visit www.madisoncollege.edu/writing-center.