April is stress awareness month


Mark Luetkehoelter, Librarian

Stress Awareness Month is celebrated internationally each April. It has probably never been as fitting to be celebrated internationally during this month than this year. Because of Covid-19 and the huge worries and disruption it has caused in our lives on multiple levels, we are all probably experiencing stress or anxiety to some degree.

In addition to some wonderful links at the Stress Awareness Month web site https://www.stress.org.uk/, the Madison College Libraries & Student Achievement Centers would like to offer some online suggestions as well.

LinkedIn Learning, which offers skills-building training videos on a wide variety of topics to all Madison College students and staff, includes videos on mindfulness and coping strategies. A featured training video at the moment is “The Mindful Workday” which includes strategies for working or studying at home.

While physical books are currently unavailable during this crisis, our database EBSCOhost offers many e-books and articles on stress management. For example, the e-book Stress Management: a Comprehensive Handbook of Techniques and Strategies by Jonathan Smith might be worth a couple minutes of your time.

While physical videos are currently unavailable during the crisis, our database Films on Demand streams many helpful videos on stress management and mindfulness. Diane Gehart’s Mindfulness video might be worth a watch.

Our database MedlinePlus offers information on stress management only from respected medical resources like the Mayo Clinic, the National Institute of Health, and the CDC.

In addition to those information sources, the Madison College Libraries & Student Achievement Centers staff are providing online help for your questions seven days a week. You can call us, chat with us, email us, and more. We’ve also created a special research guide for this time period to aid with your remote learning at https://libguides.madisoncollege.edu/remote.

These are stressful times, but try not to let the stress and anxiety get to the point of adversely affecting your health. Take care everyone.