Applying for unemployment can help through this challenging time

Caleb A. Brown, Staff Writer

As places of work and businesses around the world close or reduce operations, employers are forced to make the hard decision of laying off dozens of employees, attempting to minimize losses during these strange times.

The Department of Health Services has ruled that restaurants may no longer serve dine-in patrons, but may continue delivery and pick up services. Other businesses like tattoo shops, clothing stores, vintage stores, etc. that rely on in-shop purchases have been forced to close altogether.

            Being one of the many recently laid off, I feel unsettled and unsure about what the future holds. However, remembering that we are all going through this uncertainty together helps me feel a bit more at ease.

For now, applying for unemployment is one of the best things we can do personally to stay on our feet after losing our source of income.

            The process is easy and painless. Starting at you can create an account. After this, you can log in and will be prompted to enter in some personal information.

Since Gov. Evers has declared an emergency, applicants do not have to complete a work search. There’s a specific option for applicants filing a claim because of COVID-19. Select this option and continue to complete the application. Your benefits will be calculated, and you can log in weekly to claim them.

            Fortunately, I work for a small business, and my employers have been reaching out to me every step of the way. They sent an email with direct instructions on how to apply for unemployment benefits. Passing this information on to others is important, as larger companies may not have given this same guidance to their employees.

            The current situation reminds us how easy it is for someone’s world to fall apart in an instant. Factors out of our control mediate our lives on a regular basis. During more ‘normal’ times, someone else’s world may be in catastrophe.

As we navigate through these times, as well as once we’re on the other side, practicing understanding, compassion, and communication is key in building a strong connection between us all.