Public Safety remodeling is completed

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

Remodeling of the college’s Public Safety Office was recently completed. The project began at the end of last semester and forced the Public Safety Office to be relocated into a nearby office space.

“Our new Public Safety Office redesign was done to expand our space to accommodate our officers and enclose our dispatch center, providing dispatchers with privacy when taking calls and speaking to the public at the office window,” said John Flannery, Director of Public Safety.

In addition, the project created an interviewing/meeting room, two enclosed supervisors’ offices and a technical support area for officers. The director’s office was reduced in size and repurposed for officer workspace, a changing area and equipment storage.

Along with these updates to the office, the department plans to offer more safety awareness and self-defense sessions for Madison College students and staff.

Public Safety plans to host listening sessions this semester at both at the Goodman South and Truax campuses. Members of the Public Safety Advisory Committee, which is composed of students and staff, will participate in these sessions.

These listening sessions will allow students to, “express their concerns, make recommendations and suggestions on how to improve our services and make the college safer” stated Flannery.

Flannery said he hopes these courses and sessions will begin to be offered by March.

If you have any questions or comments you are able to contact Public Safety at (608) 246-6932. If you need assistance, call (608) 245-2222.