Phillip Foss presents at Chef Series

Owner of El Ideas in Chicago shares his personal story during Madison College event

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

Madison College had the pleasure of having the owner of El Ideas, Phillip Foss, for its January Chef Series program. He created a dish that combined the aspects of sweet and salty.

Using small potato bites with a cream soup and adding liquid nitrogen to ice cream to create a dish that is an experience in itself. With liquid nitrogen ice cream added to a boiling hot soup created a reaction that truly exploded.

Foss’s restaurant is located in Chicago Illinois. This is not like any ordinary restaurant. You pay beforehand, as well as bring your own bottled service. You are able to go interact with the chefs as they prepare your meal for you.

They explain to you what the process is along with what is all being put into the dish.

Foss is not only a chef but is now an author who had created a book with his cousin, Timothy Foss, who drew all of the illustrations, based on his experiences in creating El Ideas.

Timothy Foss tagged along to the chef series and drew what was going on during the event.

Foss had started his business with a food truck, but knew that he could do more. He then moved into the restaurant business. Chef Foss stated that “there was a whole other side of me that no one got to see,” so by creating this book he was able to show how he was feeling and how he had acted during these times.

Foss wanted to be more known for his book rather than his cooking because he had felt that his book is a better way to explain who he really is.

Phillip Foss’s, “Life in El,” can be found on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.