Brief spotlight on Canopy doesn’t tell the full story

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

Fifteen seconds of fame isn’t always what people believe it to be. Information can easily be taken out of context when not all of the information is presented.

As Canopy tries to open its doors, a clip was released from an Alcohol Licensing Review Committee meeting that only showed a quick snippet of what was being explained.

This clip then reached its way to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, was aired on his show and now has been published on a variety of news outlets.

The owner of Canopy, Madison College student Austin Carl, wants to create a space where the Madison community is able to connect with one another while enjoying coffee, food, music, and people’s company.

Carl recently had a soft opening which he had served mocktails and soda. Guests had enjoyed their time while connecting with each other along with the drinks and music. Much love and support was shown by the people who had come out.

Carl said all of the news spreading claiming that he is trying to put “liquor before the license” has not only hurt the image of what Canopy really is trying to be, but has impacted how people view him.

“I still plan on opening soon. Canopy will open with a dry bar and be able to serve to more ages this way,” he said.