Canopy to be a cafe’ in day, club at night

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

The Madison area has had a recent addition to businesses. Canopy had its grand opening on Jan. 18. This business is a café and club all in one. Replacing what used to be PRYSM.

Owner Austin Carl has never done anything like this in his life. Carl knew that PRYSM was closing, and when a friend brought him the idea of opening a new business he couldn’t turn down the offer.

Having a DJ background, he had already wanted to open something similar, but never thought it would be this soon in his life.

Carl had to start from almost completely scratch, getting all new licensing for food, liquor and rent. With only having a couple months to prepare everything before the grand opening, a lot of work had to be done – getting furniture, lighting, decorations, etc.

But as days went on Carl seemed more and more prepared to open.

“Everything finally feels real… I feel more confident as time come and things are coming more into place,” he said.

Canopy’s feel is the jungle within the city. It has greenery such as trees and leaves on the walls and throughout the different areas of the room with spaces to relax and work during the day and a place to dance during the night.

The café will be open during the day and will be catered to everyone. Carl’s main focus is to have this be a space to network and feel comfortable and welcome.

With mostly new staff he has trained them to integrate well with the customers, not only serve them but to make an impression on the customers that they are here to make memories with them.

The café will be turned into a club during the nights.

Moving around a couple tables and changing the lighting, the atmosphere will change from café to club pretty quick for an easy transition. Carl wants it to be open to the 18 and up crowd so that more people are able to enjoy themselves.

“I’m going to do everything possible to make this a fun place to be,” said Carl.

For the first year, Carl wants to really focus on making relationships with the people of Madison.

As for long term goals, he wants to expand and put in a rooftop patio deck as well as renovate the second floor for a community space, where people are able to rent out the room for seminars or different events.

You are able to find Canopy at 924 Williamson St.