4-week study abroad course to be offered in France

Britni Petitt, Photo Editor

Students who are interested in learning about new cultures and languages, this is for you. Madison College students will be heading to Dijon, France this summer for a four-week French language course. The classes themselves will be placement tested so no need to worry about getting in over your head. You’ll receive four college transfer credits for a foreign language and three humanities field studies credits. While, at least one semester of French language is preferred, it is not required to participate.

The first few days in France will be spent in Paris before heading to Dijon. During the trip students will be living in the University of Burgundy’s Résidence Internationale d’Étudiants (international student residence hall.) Monday through Friday will consist of morning classes while evenings will be open for different social and cultural activities.

Mary Haight, a French instructor here at Madison College, recommends that if you’re interested, to start the application process now, even if you’re not sure you can afford to go. Financial aid and scholarships are available to help so start your essays too. The application deadline is March 9th.

There’s been more interest in this trip than previous years and with that comes a lot of questions. If you have any, contact Tammy Gibbs, the study abroad coordinator in the Center for International Education.