Challenge Course available for group development work

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

On Nov. 19, Madison College hosted 50 Girl Scout leaders to test their hand at the Madison College challenge activities. The scout leaders learned skills on communication, collaboration, and critical group problem solving techniques that they were then able to take back to each of their respective groups.

These leaders joined Jeff Messer and his team to tackle many different obstacles. Due to the weather taking a turn for the worse, the event ended up being hosted indoors.

This course was a great way for teams to build and bond together. It showed that if a group is able to work together then the task at hand is able to be done quicker and easier. Cooperation and listening were critical aspects for completion of these activities.

The activities all involved discussions and reflections afterwards to see how they would affect the daily life of those participating and the people around them. 

If you are using these services you can to sign up online on the Madison College website by searching ‘Challenge Course,’ or emailing Bill Kegler at [email protected] or call (608) 245-2126.