Take time to pick out the perfect pet

Mandy Scheuer, Office Manager

Are you more a dog or a cat person? Or do you like smaller animals, like rabbits or hamsters? On Nov. 7, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., there was an open house at the Veterinarian Program at the Truax Campus.

There were dogs and cats being shown to hopefully attract an owner, but those aren’t all the animals that were there. There were also rabbits, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and rats. Some of the mice are purely albino! To be a true albino, the animal has to have all white fur and pink eyes. If the animal has white fur but not pink eyes, then the animal is a partial albino.

Some animals are friendly, but also energetic, which may or may not scare away the potential adopters, depending on one’s personality.

In one room, there were rabbits, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and rats. The rabbits are so fluffy. One of them tried to hop out of the kiddy pool that he was in because he was trying to be with this friend. The guinea pigs make these cute squeaking sounds.

In a different room, there were four cats, all of them sitting on a towel that was on a metal table with wheels. Two of them were chill and would let people pet them while the other two were a bit more energetic.

The final room had dogs. The dogs were more active than the other animals. They would jump on their holders and walk up to potential owners and sniff them right away.

Every Monday, the Vet Tech Club meets to plan open houses and the adoption of animals. It’s nice that the animals that are up for adoption already come pre-spayed/neutered. That way you won’t have to spend any money having that procedure done.

There are two more Open House events: Wednesday, Nov. 20, and Tuesday, Dec. 3, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Room E1818.