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Performing Arts has fun with comedic ‘Puffs’


Andrew Kicmol / Clarion

Madison College Performing Arts is putting on the play, “Puffs,” on Oct. 30-Nov. 3, in Mitby Theater.

Andrew Kicmol, Editor Emeritus

If you’ve ever felt like a side character in someone else’s story, then “Puffs” is the story for you. Taking place in the world of Harry Potter, the show focuses on the characters of the lesser known house of Hufflepuff.

While they are spectators to Harry’s heroics as he runs around and saves the day, the Puffs are the main characters in this story. They don’t have lofty goals their aim is to finish third among the houses, but they don’t need big dreams, they know who they are.

“Getting to focus on these people that you don’t necessarily think that much of when you’re watching the movies or reading the books it’s really interesting to take a different spin on this by looking at these people,” said Cooper Skubal who plays Wayne Hopkins in “Puffs.”

That different spin allows for a comedic take on the Harry Potter series that doesn’t show up in the books and the movies, after all Harry is the one saving the day. The stakes are high and when you’re the chosen one you don’t have time to laugh.

Comedy is built in from the very start with Wayne thinking he’s going to be the hero of a certain school of magic, only to find out that isn’t the case.

From the Puffs perspective Harry is seen as the annoying boy wonder who can do no wrong. The satirical take on Harry is one of the more fun elements of the show. At one-point Potter walks across the stage and says “Yay Harry!” and then disappears.

The comedy also allows the performing arts students a chance to challenge themselves in something that they may not have experienced before. Comedy isn’t easy in a play setting and unlike a sitcom tv show with multiple takes, you’re trying to get it right the first time.

“Just look ahead, stay in the moment, focus focus deep breath, don’t laugh,” said Braedon Gibson one of multirole actors.

Along with comedy “Puffs” also required different accents for the British world of Harry Potter. Many actors were cast in multiple roles.

“It’s been an absolute trip trying to come up with different voices, different acting styles, different voices and body mechanics for each of the different characters,” said Gibson

At the core of the show is a group of characters with a lot of heart. They may not be chosen to save the day, but everyone is the hero in their own story, and the Puffs find out what they are capable of, eventually joining the fight against evil.

Puffs is a must see for any Harry Potter fan, whether you read the books and watched the movies or just watched the movies, it’s a show worth seeing. And it reminds us that even if you aren’t the chosen one saving the day, you are still the hero of your own story.