Free flu shots available on campus

Cassandra Cullen, Staff Writer

As much as we don’t want to admit it, flu season is here. Passing sneezing people in the hallways or even taking handouts from your sick table-neighbor could cause you to get infected with that nasty virus.

This fall, Madison College Community Clinic is again teaming up with Group Health Cooperative to host free flu shot days at eight different Madison College locations.

The clinics are free, just make sure you have a valid OneCard with you.

Last year, more than 1,400 students received vaccinations and the hope for this year is to have even more students get vaccinated.

Many people who don’t get flu shot say it’s because they don’t like needles. GHC Site Chief Trenell Darby has some tips for those people.

“Relax, breathe,” Darby said. Darby advises wary students to let the administrator of the flu shot know that you have a fear of needles so that they can ease you through the process and help distract you from the shot.

The shots are given by year-two Madison College nursing students, and the clinic is assisted by EMS and healthcare receptionist students. Although they are guided by their instructors, this experience helps the students gain the skills they need for their future careers.

Getting the flu shot isn’t just to prevent you from getting the flu or lessening its symptoms, it’s also to protect the vulnerable population.

The elderly and young babies have a higher chance of more severe outcomes if they come into contact with those who are sick.

So, as the current promotional flyers say, “spread love, not the flu” by going to the Madison College website and seeing when the clinic will be at a campus near you.

Clinics will be held through the middle of October.

Remember, it’s free!