United Common Ground lunch pulls students together


Britni Petitt/Clarion

Members of United Common Ground served meals to Intercultural Exchange guests on Sept. 9.

Britni Petitt, Photo Editor


United Common Ground (UCG) welcomed students back for the fall semester on Sept. 9 with a free meal in the Truax Intercultural Exchange.

According to UCG President Deiysha Kinsey, they used the event to introduce themselves to students and promote their next event, Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff. The Kickoff will be held on Sept. 18,  and will have cultural games and free food once again.

Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff is just one of the events UCG hosts every year. Others include Lunar New Year, Invisible Disabilities’, and many more. Most of their events are open to the public to help stimulate community engagement for important cultural and social issues. If you want more information about UCG or upcoming events, visit Intercultural Exchange in room C1430 on the Truax Campus.