Public Safety


Madison College Public Safety

Officer Lucas Adler

Public Safety officers respond to many calls for service and we communicate our activities to the college community. Here are some of the notable incidents from the past couple weeks.

On Friday, Sept. 6 an officer came across a vehicle that had crashed in the ditch the night before. Officers did not find anyone inside the vehicle and Madison Police was contacted to investigate further.

On Monday Sept. 9 a small amount of marijuana was located in the building and was turned into Public Safety. The incident is being investigated.

Due to the increase number of people utilizing the parking lots, we have had several reports of damage to parked vehicles. If you observe somebody hit a parked vehicle and drive away, contact Public Safety and provide a description of the vehicle. If you hit somebody’s parked vehicle, you should leave a note and contact Public Safety to report it.

WolfPack Alerts

Have you signed up to receive WolfPack alerts from Madison College? These alerts notify you of school cancellations or about emergencies on or near campus. If not, please do so on our webpage. Registration is free, easy and takes about a minute on your mobile device.

We have a Twitter account in addition to our Facebook page. Be sure to follow @PublicSafetyMC on Twitter to stay informed of what’s happening on your campus.

If need to report an emergency or have other campus safety concerns, please contact our department at 608-245-2222. Public Safety Officers are available 24/7.