Student Senate has vacancies for the upcoming year

Bradley J. Burt, Broadcast General Manager 

The Student Senate is seeking interested candidates who would like to step into a leadership role. There are membership vacancies that need to be filled starting at the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester.   

According to advisor Ellie Rome, the Student Senate does many things that benefit students at Madison College.

“The benefits to the student body are: Constant improvements to the programs and services that Madison College has to offer,” Rome said. “The Student Senate has been the catalyst for many changes at the College, including the Madison Metro Bus passes, campus-to-campus shuttles, the textbook rental program, and the new food pantry opening this fall.”   

Students who join the Student Senate play a vital role at the college, providing student input at various levels of the decision-making process.

“The Student Senate brings forward the student voice in major decisions and changes happening at the college,” Rome said. 

Students who wish to apply for Student Senate can do so by attending three meetings in a row.  After successfully attending all three meetings, the student will then announce their intent to be a part of the Student Senate.

A vote will be cast by Student Senate to determine whether the candidate will or will not be welcomed on board.

Student Senate meets on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m.  The majority of the meetings are held in Truax D1630C.

Students can learn more by setting up an appointment with Rome by emailing [email protected]

Please feel free to stop by the Student Senate office in the Student Life Center, Room B1260, if you would like to investigate Student Senate opportunities further.