Changes and upgrades to the shuttle system

Chris Bird, News Editor

The Madison College Shuttle system is making some changes for the upcoming semester. If you’re a new or returning student, or staff member, here is an update from Transportation Program Analyst Jackie Dahlke.

The shuttle system is getting seven new stops in neighborhoods all over Madison and all the way to Sun Prairie to better serve students.

The places the shuttle goes to were chosen in part by using information gathered through the Madison College registration data. This allows the college to see where students are coming from and which campus they need to get to.

The West Campus no longer has shuttle service but there are new stops going to West Madison neighborhoods, to help students get to school. Downtown Campus is now closed permanently and its shuttle stop has moved to Capitol Centre Market. Dahlke said “Capitol Centre Market was happy to be the new site. We think that it will work really well.”

Madison College’s leadership wanted to make sure that people were able to go back and forth to the new Goodman South Campus.

There are two shuttles in rotation to make sure there are plenty of opportunities for transportation there and back.

This is the first year that Madison College Shuttles will also be able to use certain Madison Metro bus stops. The College has worked with Madison Metro Transit since the creation of the bus pass program for students at Madison college.

The city has allowed shuttles to access these stops for pick-ups and drop-offs. The shuttles will have to give priority to buses, so if you plan on catching the shuttle be sure to be on time at the bus stop.

To learn more about the best ways for you to get to campus, be sure to visit /campus-shuttle. You can find bus and shuttle schedules as well as other useful tools that could make it easier for you to make it to all of your classes.