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Appreciation expressed for student staff

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Off the Shelf

Erika Linzner, Librarian

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As we wrap up another semester and look forward to the warm days of summer, the Madison College Libraries and Student Achievement Centers reflect on another successful academic year.

Our unit’s success is due, in part, to our marvelous student desk staff.

We would like to take a moment to show our deep appreciation to these students for their diligent efforts this past academic year.

Your excellent customer service skills have helped us provide vital support to faculty, staff, and your fellow classmates.

Your work throughout the district is invaluable and we could not have completed the academic year without each and every one of you.

Thanks for braving the bitter cold, heavy snow, and torrential rains to come to work each day.

To those of you who are graduating, transferring, or moving on to new pursuits, we wish you nothing but the best.

Your presence will definitely be missed and we hope you come back to visit us.

Best of luck!

  • Kaylie Ault
  • Olivia Bancroft-Hart
  • Emily Bessler
  • Benjamin Brabender
  • Nicole Brown
  • Simon Brzinski
  • Amy Cifre
  • Laurel Danielson
  • Michael Edwards
  • Amy Elliot
  • Karen Endthoff
  • Nick Fatsis
  • MeriEllen Fleener
  • Drew Freund
  • Conor Griebling
  • Serena Her
  • Megan Himmerich
  • Will Johnson
  • Paulina Kababie
  • Meghan Kotton
  • Julia Kubicek
  • Dusten Landolt
  • Rebecca Lahrs
  • Kim Laughnan
  • Michael Levandoski
  • Fiona Maxwell
  • Remy Meremable
  • Chelsea Murphy
  • Raissa Nsimba
  • Jazlyn Olson
  • Mell Paul
  • Emily Perkins
  • Dao Phialuang
  • Nhi Phung
  • Karina Piazza
  • Linda Ponce Acevedo
  • Xanthe Rowe
  • Kristin Schulist
  • Jacqueline Stroede
  • Melissa Torres Lira
  • Alison Treichel
  • German Umaña
  • Jesse Veltrop
  • Paxton Yang
  • Erica Zimmermann

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