Pets available to adopt from Vet Tech program


Caylei Wright

Madison College student Caylei Wright’s experiences as the owner of three Pomeranians, pictured at left, have taught her a great deal about what people should consider before adopting a pet.

Mandy Scheuer, Arts Editor

The Madison College’s Pet Adoption Open House was on Tuesday, March 25. There you could pet several dogs, and several cats. The animals were very friendly and obedient.

Some animals that are friendly, but also energetic, may or may not scare away the potential adopters, depending the one’s personality. While getting some unconditional love from a furry friend you listen to a few of the students studying to become a veterinarian or veterinarian technician. They were very knowledgeable, friendly and confident.

One of the dogs was a poodle-golden retriever mix. After a few minutes of her calming down, she played with a squeaky toy, and she would wag her tail in happiness when someone would play with her. You’re are encouraged to look at a binder of all the available dogs that are up for adoption.

The cat room was just across the hall from the dog room. There were six cats, all of them sitting on a towel that was on a metal table with wheels. There was a black cat, only 11 months old. She was friendly and also a little bit squirmy and was more interested in a toy. Young animals are similar to young children. They do not listen very well, are curious about everything, but are also very cute.

In a situation where you want to adopt an animal, it is better if you meet the animal in person, rather than just looking at a picture online. You do not know if the animal is shy or friendly; so, when you do meet your future friend, you will thank yourself you met your friend in person.

Veterinary Technician program instructor Dr. Andrea Foley was kind enough answered a few questions for The Clarion.

Q: How many people adopt animals during your open house?

Foley: It varies, but a high number is 80 people per open house, while 20 is a lower number for the open house

Q: Is the goal to have all the animals adopted?

Foley: Yes, every semester we have about 20 dogs 24 cats.

Q: When did the open house start?

Foley: The first open house happened 11 years ago.

Q: What happens to the animals that do not get adopted?

Foley: They go back to the Humane Society in Watertown and Southwood County, and Marshfield Area Pet Shelter.

Q: Other than the possibility of being adopted, what do the animals get out of the open house?

Foley: They get to socialize with people they do not usually get to do on a daily basis

Q: What other Humane Societies does the Veterinary Technical Program work with?

Foley: We work with Southwood County, Watertown and Shiloh’s Road to Hope in Texas, and Marshfield Area Pet Shelter. The website for Shiloh’s Road to hope is and the website for Marshfield Area Pet Shelter is

Q: What kinds of animals are up for adoption besides the usual ones like dogs and cats?

Foley: In the fall of 2019, there will be Pocket Pets up for adoption! These include hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, and rats.

Q: Who can I contact if I want to adopt a friend?

Foley: Go to Madison College Veterinary Technician Program Adoption Website and visit us during visiting hours and during open house.

Q: Is the Humane Society a no-kill shelter?

Foley: Yes, they all are. Shiloh’s Road to Hope, non-profit is not a Humane Society.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Foley: The Veterinary Technician Program has Partnered with the photography department. Just check out their dog photos on their website. If you know anyone who would like to adopt a friend, please let them know about our program.

Here is the Madison College Veterinary Technician Program’s website for adopting a new friend: