Food available faster

Expansion of food offerings at the college’s Health building will help students save time


Leah Heidemann

Food services at the Health Education and Information building have been expanded to better serve students who take classes at that location and at the Protective Services building

Lillian Glacklin , Staff Writer

The Health Education and Information Technology Building has been under construction since the Fall 2018 semester. Recently, the main focus of the construction was on the new café.

Over winter break, construction workers and Madison College worked hard to have the café up and running for second semester. It’s located on the first floor, next to the GHC Clinic.

Although the health building had some food options prior to the remodeling, they were limited in what was offered. Now, students can order Starbucks Coffee without walking all the way to the main building of the Truax campus. In addition to Starbucks, the café has more options for breakfast and lunch that give more variety to  sçtudents.

Like the Atrium Café, the new café serves hot åand cold entrées, made-to-order sandwiches and, of course, pre-made snacks and beverages.

This means students who have classes in the health building have new, convenient options to fuel themselves, without having to worry about whether they have enough time to walk to the main building for their nourishment.

Though the Health Building’s food options are not as varied as the Atrium Café, they do enable students to eat breakfast, lunch or snacks throughout the day.

For college students bouncing between classes, work, and studying, making sure your body is fed can be low on the priority list. Even when eating is a need on the radar, time is can be a constraint. With the new café, food will be less of an issue for those who spend a majority of their time in the Health Building.

Students can attend class with a full belly, putting them in a better position to learn and proceed through their day.