Excitement builds as new campus takes shape

Construction and plans progress as South Campus works to get ready for fall


Photo provided to the Clarion by Matt Ammerman

Construction progresses at Madison College’s new South Campus

Andrew Kicmol, Editor in Chief

Progress on the Goodman South Campus is on schedule to open for the start of the fall 2019 semester. The warmer weather in December and early January has allowed more construction to take place during the winter to help move things along.

From the beltline heading west you can see the building take shape. The roof was scheduled to finish up by the end of January followed by the flooring.

Tina Ahedo, Dean of South Campus, is one of the many people working on the project of getting the South Campus ready and is eager to see the building take shape.

“I can stand in the parking lot of the villager and look south I can see the new campus over the McDonalds, and I can see it over the transfer point. I don’t see the beltline anymore, I just see our building.”

The college has been doing various community outreach at different community centers and churches to help get the word out, and faculty and staff aren’t the only ones that are getting excited for the new campus. The Madison community has also been gearing up for it. A dinner held at the Good Lutheran church before the holiday break was packed full of people there to support the new campus.

“People were so excited for the potential of connectivity through the shuttle, excited about having a campus close to where they live, and they were grateful that there are going to be full student services,” said Ahedo.

Along with community outreach, marketing for Goodman South has also begun to help spread the word that the new campus will be up and ready for students and staff by the start of the 2019 fall semester. There are billboards that can be seen from the highway, and a Madison Metro bus wrap that will be seen throughout Madison as the bus drives its route.

As construction continues, so does the transition and planning for what programs will be offered at the new campus. The first convocation meeting for faculty and staff happened to help figure out some of the smaller details like where they will store their belongings at the new campus.

A full list of programs that will be at the new South Campus can be found at https://madisoncollege.edu/goodman-south-campus along with a fly through video showing what the finished campus will look like. There is also a list of what support tools are being offered at the new campus.

It’s been a long process – years in the making – but as the opening day for the new campus draws near, it’s important to remember all the work that went into making it happen.

“It really does take the good will and good faith of a whole lot of people and that has been one of the most instructive things of that I’ve dealt with professionally,” said Ahedo.