Student Senate sets its agenda for the year

Andrew Kicmol, Editor in chief

It’s a new year, and for Student Senate that means rolling out initiatives for the new year, along with continued work on issues like food security. The Senate has three main initiatives that they will work on this year.

Food Security

First is the continued work on food security, trying to get more resources for students. The college itself may also have ideas about how they want to help serve the students. The Senate will also be working with Denis Holin who is developing a plan to get students develop skills that will help them sustain themselves better.

 The idea is if a student were to get money from the college making sure that they are using that money in a good and effective way. Instead of using that money eating fast food for a week to get buy, they will use the money to make healthy affordable meals. 

Advising and Retention

Many students may have experienced a disconnect when it comes to what an advisor tells them what classes to take versus what school they want to transfer to requires. The goal will be to have more consistency for students so they are taking the correct classes for Madison College and for their transfer school. 

The Senate is currently working with the Title 3 committee to see how the experience with an advisor can be improved. In the Student Satisfaction Inventory survey students have shown they value advising more and more, and students want better experiences from their advising. 

Housing Accessibility 

This is a brand-new initiative from Senate to help students get affordable housing. There are also a number of students that are homeless, and the initiative aims to get those students help. 

For any student looking for a place to live there is a Facebook group called Housing Options for Madison College Students, that students have found helpful. 

Since is this a new initiative the Senate is looking for any input students may have about what the Senate should do. If students have any ideas for the other initiatives as well they are encouraged to talk to the Student Senate. 

Applications for New Senators

As the we hit the last semester for this academic year, many senators including Student Senate President Steven Ansorge will be moving on. Applications are being taken now for anyone interested in being a senator for the 2019-2020 academic year. President and general senate seats need to be filled. Once elections are done Vice President positions will be nominated.

You can go to to apply and learn more.