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Cristina Springfield, Librarian

When it comes to getting ready for life post-graduation, most students are at least somewhat familiar with the general advice. Created a resume? Check. Signed up for LinkedIn? Check. Created a professional-sounding email address? Check. 

As folks think about how to show initiative to future employers, gain an edge over their competition, or to fight issues like the gender pay gap or subtle discrimination in hiring, they are pursuing additional learning opportunities to enhance their resumes, knowledge and experience. Maybe you just like to gain new skills and learn new things—hey, we get that too. Madison College has a new, free, on-demand learning tool that can help., available through the Madison College Library’s website, offers unlimited access to video and tutorial-based training. Learn new software, demonstrate your commitment to mastering a soft skill, or simply round out your resume by completing one of over 7,000 online courses and 100,000 videos. 

Since the College’s launch of in December 2018, popular courses include those focused on learning software like Microsoft Excel, Adobe InDesign, and game design and development. Careers where specialized software skills can come in handy include design, animation, business, programming, marketing, and photography. 

According to a recently published Linkedin blog entry, the largest skills gaps employers cite are not necessarily technical skills, but rather soft skills. Soft skills–like communication, leadership and time management–make up nearly half the list of skills with the largest skills gaps. Students and staff have been accessing those courses, too—ones like Teamwork Foundations, Leading Change, and Project Management.

A Nov. 23 article by the hiring site lists the following must-have skills for entry-level workers that are represented by courses and videos: communication, Microsoft Office applications, data analytics, html/CSS coding, collaboration skills, project management skills, Adobe Photoshop, google drive, customer service, and social media.

Because is a product of LinkedIn, when users earn completion certificates, they have the option to add that information to their LinkedIn profiles. Users can add videos and courses to personalized playlists, which allows you to decide which content you wish to view and in what order. Access videos and tutorials any time, from home or on campus by visiting the link on the Madison College Library’s homepage.

While can’t replace the knowledge and experience gained through a traditional degree or certification program, it can be a powerful tool to practice, gain exposure to, and explore new technologies and career paths. 

The Madison College Libraries are excited to support for both classroom and personal use. You should never have to enter payment information to access content. 

Speak with a librarian if you have any questions about using this new learning platform or visit our informational page for how to sign in and create your account for at