PAC looks to fill out its team, do more activities

Amara Gobermann, Managing Editor

Looking for fun events on campus? Or do you even need a little extra money? PAC; or programs and activities council, is the place for you. 

You don’t need a certain GPA to join or a lot of time on your hands you just have to talk to someone in the student life center, specifically Candice Jacobs. 

PAC is a team of students who plan events and get students and their families involved on the campus. 

“They put on campus programing like entertainers, bands, educational speakers, family friendly events, and health and wellness. It is open to all backgrounds and ages,” said Jacobs. 

So let’s get you involved! Currently PAC has two student staff but they need a total of seven to make more fun events possible. If you talk to Jacobs she can get you started with planning events and you can create a flexible schedule. 

PAC understands that the students have jobs, kids, or even parents that they need to take care of, and that is why this is a great opportunity. “It can be hard to commit to a club. It’s an opportunity to get involved but not commit to much time,” said Jacobs. They have weekly meetings on Tuesdays, and if you get in contact with Jacobs she can let you know where they will be. 

Joining PAC can bring you good benefits too, not just involvement on campus. By joining PAC, you can build your resume, gain networking and event planning skills, and you will hold an official title. Another great benefit of joining PAC is at the end of each semester you get $400-$500. The required amount of hours is 5 a week and if you get all your planning done efficiently you have all the flexibility you want or need. You basically get paid to have fun!

If Joining PAC isn’t for you, or you just don’t have the time you can still join in the fun. PAC has an Instagram, Facebook, and they have their events posted around the school on the power point slides. You can find their Instagram at PAC_Madisoncollege, and you can also find them on Facebook at PACmadisoncollege. 

 “Our goal is attendance,” Jacobs said. “We want to accommodate to everyone on campus to get more to attend.” 

PAC plans on getting their name out there to grow staff and attendance of the events. 

Do you have a good idea but cannot commit time? Don’t hesitate to go to PAC anyway and tell them your suggestion. You don’t need to be a staff to give ideas or people to come to campus. 

“The more voices the better, we want diversity. If you have any ideas come to us because we need you to make us,” Jacobs said. 

It’s never too late to join, you can reach out to Jacobs or anyone else in PAC by emailing them at [email protected]  or you can see Jacobs directly, her door is always open.