Tips to help with your final exams

Briant Lawler, News Editor

The fall semester is hurdling to a close, which means, for students, final exams are afoot.

Here are several helpful reminders to help you with the process of studying for and coping with finals.

• Organize your study space: Limit distractions and keep your study space comfortable to help you focus.

• Practice old exams: This helps you get used to the format of the questions. Make sure to time yourself, too, so that you know you’re spending the adequate amount of time answering each question.

• Explain your answers to others: It could be to your parents, your siblings, other students in the class, or even your coworkers. Explaining your answers out loud helps to solidify your understanding of the concept.

• Organize study groups with friends: This is a great time to have your friends challenge you and for you to ask them questions about concepts you don’t fully understand.

• Take regular breaks: Taking regular breaks is an important to component to productive studying. This give your brain a chance to unfocus and consolidate the information you’re trying to learn.

• Plan your exam day: Make sure to get to class on time, with all the materials you need to complete the exam.

• Spacing: By now, it should go without saying that cramming a day or two before an exam is not useful by any stretch of the imagination. So make sure you space out your study sessions well before the exam to concrete the information in your mind.