Scholarship deadline approaching

Briant Lawler, News Editor

As a reminder to students, the opportunity to apply to Madison College Foundation scholarships ends Dec. 7.

Ruth Shoup, who heads the scholarship foundation, reminds everyone that scholarships are given to students who are beginning or coming back to Madison Area Technical College, and that, unfortunately, many scholarships go unawarded simply due to lack of students of applying.

The Foundation has been very successful over the years, granting in excess of $15 million in scholarship relief to more than 40,000 Madison College students. T

The process to apply for Foundation Scholarships is very simple and takes generally less than hour. Personal statements, and sometimes letters of recommendation, are required in order to increase a student’s chance of receiving a scholarship award. Scholarships can range from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000.

And, as stated above, some of these scholarships aren’t given because students don’t apply. This only means students who do apply have better chances of being given free money.