Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society inducts over 100 students

Destiny Kwenchia Zaomoh, Staff Writer

Phi Theta Kappa is the world’s oldest, largest and most prestigious honor society for two-year College students; with Madison College’s Beta Beta Psi Society holding a continuous 5 Star rating for Chapter development and programing.

Any student is eligible to join after completing 12 credits and achieving at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Madison College’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunities to develop leadership and service skills, exchange ideas and ideals in an intellectual climate, develop lively friendships between scholars, and stimulate interest in continued academic excellence.

This year’s induction ceremony took place in October in the Mitby Theater on the Truax Main Campus.

The hall was filled with friends, families and well-wishers of the new and excited Phi Theta Kappa members, as well as Madison College staff members recognized by Madison College students to receive the Golden Apple Award for making significant and positive impact on their success. These distinctive elements added value to the ceremony itself.

Following the procession of the PTK inductees into the hall, Kalia Vang- Chapter President of the PTK gave a warm welcome speech, congratulating the students on their outstanding academic accomplishments. She also shared her experience on how and why she joined PTK, following her drop out from college due to lack of motivation -and subsequent return with determination to get more involved in school activities. This journey she said, has taught her so many valuable lessons in all aspects of life, like being able to network, self-advocate and serve members of PTK and the community.

Next, Dr. Turina Bakken -Madison College provost, took the stand and after congratulating the meritorious candidates, went ahead to give a detailed description of the PTK, stating its core values and encouraged all to be committed, active and above all to be of good moral character as stated in the PTK’s constitution by exercising sound judgement, doing the right thing even when no one is looking and to always be there for others.

Following this brief and inspiring talk, the students and all present were graced with the virtual presence of Dr. Jack E. Daniels III – President of Madison College. He congratulated the over 130 new inductees both present and absent for their academic achievement and also issued the President’s Challenge, inviting the PTK members to give service outside of the college environment including volunteering, taking on leadership roles and maintaining the high bar of academic excellence. Anyone who meets this milestone will be recognized with an award.

PTK’s Vice president of leadership Brittany Campbell, presented and introduced the symbols used by the society. She explained that The Torch symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, the White Rose a symbol of beauty and purity, its white buds signifying intellectual association. The PTK Emblem was presented by Vice President of Scholarship, Brandy Nobles as a reflection of golden opportunities for every member, the golden color- presented by Thoan Cosme Torres – Vice President of Service, as a symbol of nobility achieved by the student’s leadership and the Head, a symbol of learning. Vice President of Scholarship Andrew Allison explained that The Greek letters: Phi Theta Kappa, stand for wisdom, aspiration and purity.

The group then recited the PTK pledge in unison, proceeded by individual introduction of the 2018/2019 PTK inductees. Each student called proceeded to the Phi Theta Kappa decorated table, where they each signed the Chapter Record Book and received a Medal of Honor, presented by Dr. Tim Casper officially recognizing each inductee’s achievements and marking their formal induction into the prestigious Society as proud and meritorious Phi Theta Kappa members.

Campbell shared how she got to know and join Phi Theta Kappa. “I emailed PTK and asked if there were opportunities for me to become more involved and it so happened that the VP of Leadership position was vacant and Kalia Vang, the President, nominated me…” Campbell said. Even though she had never held a leadership position before, nor taken part in any PTK activities, Campbell has been very active this semester.

The time and attention devoted by the Madison College Phi Theta Kappa and Beta Beta Psi Chapter to made the induction ceremony a success.

The Golden Apple Recipients recognized were:

  • Jim Langkamp, music instructor
  • Marit Brunsell, finance instructor
  • Al Lehnen, mathematics instructor
  • Susan Carnell, protective services instructor
  • Autumn Hall-Tun, librarian
  • Marty Richards, English instructor
  • Alexis Middleton, chemistry instructor
  • Elizabeth Towey, world languages instructor
  • Hassan Nafid, anatomy and physiology instructor
  • Marty Prew, automotive instructor
  • Jackie Jebens, sociology instructor
  • Kitrina Carlson, biology instructor

Visit the PTK Officers at the Truax Student Life Office to learn more about becoming a member of the Phi Theta Kappa.