New Facebook group can help in housing search


A new student-run Facebook group can help Madison College students find housing.

Andrew Kicmol, Editor in Chief

The housing options for Madison College Students Facebook group is a group dedicated entirely to helping Madison College students find a place to live.

“It’s an opportunity for prospective and current Madison College students to find and share housing options, you can find and post sublets, roommates and other housing options,” said Tina Marshalek, former Student Senate president and creator of the group.

One of the most frequent asked questions for new enrolling students is about housing. Madison College doesn’t offer student housing, leaving students to figure it out on their own. Even if you’re from Madison the task of finding a place to live can be a difficult one.

“When they learn that the college does not offer student housing and are unfamiliar with the area, they often don’t know where to look. This Facebook group was our attempt at having a community space for those people,” said Marshalek.

The group was created over the summer in July and into August quickly grew into the start of the semester.

“I think there was a need for this and that’s why it happened so quickly,” said Marshalek.

Joining the group is easy, all students have to do is look up the group on Facebook, request to join, and answer a few mandatory questions.

The questions ask your relation to the college and that you will only post relevant material to the group, standard Facebook group stuff. Anyone that tries to post spam or harasses other group members will be promptly removed by the group administrators.

Once in the group, you can scroll through and look at different listings, there are pictures and descriptions. There are students looking for roommates, people looking to rent out places and people posting different housing listings that they found online. Prices are listed so you can see right away if it’s something in your price range.

Once you find a place that interests you and is affordable you can contact the person in charge of the listing and find out more information. Students can also post in the group or message each other to get more information.

The group is run by students and independent from the college. To ensure that the group is kept up and running when students graduate or transfer, Marshalek will look for others to assist with the group.