‘Lunch & Learn’ event connects entrepreneurs

Tara Olivia Martens, Staff Writer

The Madison College Center for Entrepreneurship had a “Lunch & Learn” open house on Sept. 18, where a group of nearly 40 people squeezed into the Represent Center office on the Truax campus.

Keynote speaker and faculty director Jill Huizenga was the first to greet the room. Speaking on behalf of the Madison College Center for Entrepreneurship, she stated that, “If you want to start your own business, we will be cheering for you and have entrepreneurs and external resources available for you.”

Huizenga was referring to entrepreneurs that work through the center, one of whom was presenter Deborah Biddle, a former Fortune 500 executive. Biddle runs a Madison consultation firm known as Higher Performance Development Solutions, LLC. Biddle’s company has many facets that includes training and coaching initiatives.

Huizenga also provided the Lunch & Learn audience with a list of external resources, that include: The Wisconsin’s Women’s Business Initiative, the SBDC (Small Business Development Center), the Latino Chamber, and the Black Chamber.

The dictionary defines an entrepreneur as an individual who: organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.

If this definition suits you, you may be in a very good position to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. Madison College hosts an annual “Madison College Challenge” that is going to begin in early spring of 2019, where contestants could win a cash prize for entrepreneurial creativity.

This year there will be an award of $5,000 to the first-place winner, as well as other cash, prize rewards, and free legal advice.