Groundbreaking day builds excitement in south Madison


Madison College President Dr. Jack Daniels is joined by dignitaries at the South Campus groundbreaking on June 11.

Andrew Kicmol, Editor in Chief

On June 11, the official start of construction for the new Goodman South Campus began. With a big press conference Madison College officials along with representatives from all major donors to the campus and many community members were there to talk about the new facility that will be up and running by the fall of 2019.

With the news conference over, the construction began right away with large construction vehicles tearing down the old state of Wisconsin’s Employee Trust Fund Building. The challenge now for Madison College is getting all of the programs and services ready for when the new facility opens.

“There’s a lot of work being done on the transition between downtown and south making sure that all our capital equipment is purchased all the labs are set up we have a lot of things to purchase making sure that students know what’s going to be offered here where it’s going to be offered here,” said Provost Turina Bakken

An academic plan that started in August of 2017 is now in the operations stage of getting all the programs setup that will be offered at the new campus. Full programs will include Early Childhood Development, an IT program various health programs like medical and nursing assistant. The college will even be bringing back the practical nursing program which was no longer offered. College transfer arts and sciences will also be offered.

The new campus will also be a touchpoint for other programs like criminal justice, EMT, and business training, a telepresence room will be available for students as well. ESL classes and GED that were offered at the downtown campus will also be offered at Goodman South. Along with a STEM academy that has partner shipped with the MMSD that will allow high school students to earn college credit will finishing high school

“We decided that it was very important that we had academic plan driving facilities, we focused on what should be offered there and how should it be offered to meet the needs of the south community,” said Shawna Carter Associate Vice President Human Protective Services. Local business and people living in the south community were at the forefront when the academic plan was being set up.

“It will be fully supported what we call a comprehensive campus,” said Tina Ahedo Associated Dean Metro Campuses. Like Truax there will be financial aid, student advising, placement testing and enrollment and payment functions. The set up of Goodman South is the first time Madison College has set up a full campus since Truax back in the 1980’s. The new facility will be open seven days a week and will have student services open later into the evening on Saturdays to be avialbe for many students who may have to work earlier in the day.

As the operations of getting the programs ready and making sure there is enough faculty and staff, downtown is in the process of closing down. It wasn’t originally intended to have Downtown close while South was going up but the college is working with students closely to make sure the are aware of all the changes. Advisors and program directors will have information about what is moving from Downtown to either Goodman or Truax. The Madison College website will also be updating this fall with information about what will be offered at Goodman.

Everyone involved is working “full steam ahead,” said Ahedo to get all of programs and services ready for the fall of 2019 but there is no lack of enthusiasm.

“From my perspecteive I’ve been working at the college for 16 years and this probably the one of the most meaningful projects I’ve worked on, and it has been one the most student focused and community focused initiatives that I’ve been a part of,” said Carter.

To see a video tour of the what the new Goodman South Campus will look like go to