Summer activities and events

Alison Malek, Staff Writer

Summer is approaching, and many students simply go to work, take more classes or obtain a summer internship.
For Madison College student, Keyiona Johnson, that is also the case. She spends most of her summer around campus working, student leading the Phi Theta Kappa organization, as well as being a current senator-elect through the Student Senate.

“I spend summers either working or hanging out at the health club at the pool. I travel for family reunions in August, and if it’s a nice day, I will go walking for three miles,” said Johnson.

Student, Ashley Smith, on the other hand, explains her adventurous summer experiences. “I don’t like to waste my summer doing the everyday usual tasks as most students here do. I tend to like to go on a lot of road trips. I love to camp and have fire pit barbeques, and I absolutely love travelling out to the coast to go snorkeling and surfing!”

Traveling seems to be another common activity that is very popular amongst the Madison College student body. Here are a few more ideas of how to spend your summers. An easy activity that you can do wherever you are would be to go hiking or picnicking at local or state parks. Many people also go to water parks, or try extreme things like bungee jumping, cliff diving or skydiving. One idea people frequently overlook is going to a drive-in theatre to watch a movie outdoors.

If it’s raining, there are a lot of attractions that you can go to such as arcades, escape chambers, and trampoline parks.

So, why not make this summer an adventurous one and try something new?